About Hackers Interview 

Hacker’s interview is an online portal which is a dream destination for those who have a fascination for information security or cyber security. In this portal, you will find many kinds of blogs related to real life personal experience of all those who have just entered in information security profession or are in this for several years. In this online portal, you will also find roles of different experts in this field such as Hackers (of course), Information Security professionals, Security Researchers, Forensic Experts, Cyber Crime Investigators, etc. You will be able to connect with experiences of these professionals personally and take bits of advice for lifelong.

The intention behind this idea

We all know to reach a particular place in our life which we dream of has to be given a beginning. No matter whether your beginning is small or large it has to be started in a manner which will lead to productivity in the long term. Hacker’s interview helps you in providing some knowledge and advice which you must know when you begin entering in this profession. We have blogged about interviews with different experts in this profession who share all their experience which they faced during their struggle period and all that information which helped them in some ways and even that information which didn’t work well for them. So, that you can learn from their experiences and can have a better situation at the very beginning. You never know after reading our blogs and avoiding those mistakes which experts did you can actually reach a level up then them because after knowing there good and bad experiences you will be conscious in many ways for good.

When you want to start something, a small or large business, you should always have the facts in your hand to use them whenever you need them. Hackers Interview is just what you need in this respect. We provide you with all the information regarding the cyber world. With Hackers Interview, you can gain expert opinions on what to do and what you must avoid doing. After reading Interviews, success stories and blogs, you will be aware of the common mistakes that people often make in this cyber world.

About Hackers Interview Media

Hackers Interview Media was started specifically revolves around cyber-security and it deals only with this domain. This leading digital platform was created and brought into existence only with the view of the domain of cyber-security. Just like you have to see a map of a different country, you also need a map of the cyber-security domain. Many people might be interested in cyber-security but they do not know how to proceed. We, at Hackers Interview, make experienced people build a map way of how to secure your data. Many people coming from various different backgrounds and estates will provide you answers to your security-related doubts.

The cyber-security domain map is all about capturing the important areas of cyber-security practice because practicing this form of science is not just hacking, it’s something more where you have to make the cyber world a secure place for the people.

Hackers Interview Media deals with the below offerings:


To bring out and present to the world, various hidden talents of the cyber-security field, this platform is been initiated. Just knowing the popular public figures of this field won’t do. It is time that the world know about what new people are capable of and embraces the change slowly. People who have a sharp brain in this respect will finally get a proper opportunity to showcase their talent and get a chance to prove their skills and capabilities with Hackers Interview. Cyber threats and cyber-crimes are increasing at an alarming rate. Therefore, the next generation should actually remain focused and alert about how to create a safe place in the cyber network and how to handle any situation of the security breach. This media portal has taken the initiative to help the new generation with this respect.

It is necessary to keep a watch on these growing talents and invite them to share their ideas, views, experience and suggestions in this respect and make their voice known to the cyber world and beyond. If you think that you are one of them, and you meet the eligibility criteria set by us, then you can apply to contribute by filling this form. Our team will review your profile and get back to you. By this, you can make our initiative successful.


There are a lot of cyber-security organisations in the industry. Hackers Interview keeps track of all these companies and helps to bring to you their success stories which will inspire you to take courage and walk in this field of the cyber world.

We try to connect with the CEO’s or founders of them so that share how they had embarked the road of difficulty and achieve success. Certain entrepreneurs describe their journey from a common man to a successful entrepreneur as a mixed journey. Once, you reach a level, they explain, you won’t be able to celebrate your success as more clients start coming in. You realize that there is an expectation from you, an expectation to do better than you did yesterday. But if anything goes wrong, you will face high criticism and every move of yours will be over-analyzed and of course, the whole responsibility will fall on the shoulder of the founder. It will depend on the majority of your hard work and the trust you build with the customers and a little bit of luck to survive on your not so good days. You have to manage your cash flow properly and at the same time invest in research development, process improvement, training and other works.

We keep our eyes on the successful cyber-security entrepreneurs and invite them to share their success stories. If we miss any entrepreneur and they feel they are successful enough and want us to publish their success stories, then they can reach us by submitting this form.


In this overcrowded online world, have you ever thought that how to find an ideal online portal which you are looking for? We are introducing you to Hackers Interview, which has been proven to be a destination for people’s security interests for Information Security or cyber-security. You can find recent and trending events, conferences, organizations, products and tools related to cyber-security.

Hackers Interview introduces you to upcoming events and seminars to be organized in the country through a conversational blog. We also give proper knowledge about the organization related to artificial intelligence, data privacy, cyber crime, security strategy and other trending technological advancements. We also promote tools related to cyber-security to cater to more and more users. There are already trending tools which are leading in the market. For this, there is a need for a platform for the proper portrayal of tools and products. So here, we are with our promotional services of events, organizations, products and tools.


        1.  Events

We are here to provide the introductory of cyber-security events. We also render the facility for the digital media partnership for any of the cyber-security events or conferences.

The events will be promoted under two types of membership:
Barter Agreement
> Paid Partnership

So, if you are going to organize an event related to cyber security , infosec, hacking, forensics , cyber crime investigations, Data privacy etc., you can join our membership program to get facilitated through our promotion. Our services will not only increase the productivity but also increase the footfall of clients who have a fascination for information security or cyber-security.

        2. Organizations

We, here at Hackers Interview, provide a platform to promote your cyber-security organizations which helps you to grow your business. With the need for cyber-security products, the online market is getting flooded with lots of cyber-security organizations. So, it is important for the organization to be recognized by the users. The aim of Hackers Interview is to help the organizations achieve their aim and objectives of providing the cyber-space security using the active promotion of their work. We work actively on promoting your organization as per your monitoring and evaluation plan. Active promotion can help your organization to get a public profile and provide a planned way to achieve an organization’s objectives through innovative thoughts, detailed planning and budget.

We will put forward your promotion through strategic planning, monitoring and evaluation, action planning, an overview of planning and budgeting. There are also several toolkits which will put the promotion at the next level. We are here to promote your organization’s vision, values, missions, overall goals, immediate objectives and other insights. We will also promote your logo in the market to provide an identity to your organization. Along with this, slogan, other services, environmental check and other trends and issues will be prepared analytically using SWOT analysis.

3. Products

In this section, we will promote your cyber-security products. However, it is somehow similar to that of the organization. But, instead of focusing on the organization’s aim and objectives, we will bring out the products’ description and the advantages of using them. In this age of technology, cyber-security products are in great demand and the government body is preferring these products. But, since there are lots of products available in the market, so you need to put in market strategies to bring your product out of the crowd and in front of everyone.

It is found that cyber-security products and services and its sign-ups improved their overall sales and became effective through efficient promotion as these products remain unclear to the user without any relevant articles. We will bring a professional marketing service to your product through digital promotion by providing special marketing insights to gain market penetration to engage clients through communication channels.

For any kind of Introductory request, please send your request to team[at]hackersinterview[dot]com


What all you can expect from this portal

  • Interviews of various information security experts
  • Success stories of Founder’s, CEO’s, CTO’s  behind  successful Information Security organisations
  • Introductory of various information security organisations.
  • Introductory of various information security conferences and events.
  • Introductory of various information security products, projects and tools.
  • Bug bounty POC’s found by security researchers in various MNC’s online and offline platforms, products etc
  • Expert advice from the information security professionals.

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