Whatsapp Founder Is Leaving His Position After Many Clashes With Facebook

WhatsApp founder Jan Koum 3

WhatsApp founder Jan Koum 3

Jan Koum who is the chief executive of Whatsapp is leaving the company as the Facebook wanted to use the personal data of the messaging service and this will lead to the weakening of the encryption. The billionaire chief executive sold the Whatsapp to Facebook for above 19 million dollars and it has not has been confirmed that when he will leave the position of his on the Facebook board of directors. Though, he is not visiting the Whatsapp office and campus from last few days in the Silicon Valley and has informed the senior executives about leaving his position.

When the WhatsApp was sold to Facebook by Koum and Brian Acton (co-founder), then at that time both of them had promised to save the users’ data and information. Then they came to know that Facebook has allowed the third parties to misuse the users’ personal details after the addition of encryption in the year 2016. Both of the founders of the Whatsapp didn’t believe in the advertising of the app because they thought that no one likes to see advertisements every time they open a website or social media app.

The founder of Whatsapp, Mark Zuckerburg offered the founders of Whatsapp to sell this application to him which enabled the founders to become the billionaires. They believed in the security of the Whatsapp user’s information but the Facebook changed the terms of service of Whatsapp by allowing the social network access to the contact numbers of the users of Whatsapp and also the devices used by the people.

Acton and Koum opposed the decision of Facebook to recommend the Whatsapp user contacts to become the Facebook friends which would enable Facebook to get more information about the relationships between the users. This was done by the Facebook to find new people for targeting with advertisements. The EU also had fined Facebook for making misleading comments when the European Union allowed facebook to takeover Whatsapp.

Though advertisements are can’t be seen on Whatsapp till now but for making money, Facebook introduced a Whatsapp Business tool which helped the businesses to make their profile for sending different messages to the customers on Whatsapp. The founders of Whatsapp also had a clash with Facebook when they built mobile payments system on Whatsapp in India.

Next time, there was a disagreement between both of the parties when the end-to-end encryption security feature was added on WhatsApp so that even the owners of Whatsapp won’t be able to read the data of the users. Facebook did this because it wanted that the business can use this tool for running business easily but the former owners of Whatsapp though that this would allow the encryption to be weak.

Now, the Koum has been tired of getting the new introduction of features in Whatsapp and that’s why he is planning to leave it and the other employees of Whatsapp are also planning to leave in November. Now, Acton has donated Fifty million dollars to the Signal app which is working on the security and privacy of the users. He wants to build such communication experiences which are full of trust.



Author: Yogesh Prasad

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