Artificial Intelligence Poses Risks of Misuse by Hackers

Artificial Intelligence Poses Risks of Misuse by Hackers Researchers

Artificial Intelligence Poses Risks of Misuse by Hackers Researchers

Advancements in artificial intelligence are at its peak which is helping experts and achieving better Technology day by day but with these advancements problems of more maliciousness buy different users is also increasing. Hackers are becoming so strong that they are able to hack the most confidential information secured for many security purposes. Because of this increasing maliciousness flights are being Hijacked different confidential accounts are open to leak information etc.

There was a research done by 25 experts on technical and public policy from Cambridge, Oxford University and Yale University which was published on Wednesday about the same topic that is a misuse of artificial intelligence. It said that advancements in artificial intelligence are seriously threatening confidential digital as well as physical information. Misuse of artificial intelligence can lead to serious problems regarding confidential political information related to the governments which can affect a larger section of public resulting in an economic and political crisis in the country as the hackers usually focus on the 5-year development programs of specific countries.

A researcher at Oxford future of humanity institute shares that everybody is aware with the positive effects of artificial intelligence in the world Technology but not many are again about the harm it can provide with the same goodness. Artificial intelligence is also abbreviated as AI and it means to use computers for performing different hours which requires an intelligence held by humans. There can be many things in which an I can be used such as taking decisions as specific as human recognizing different kinds of images or even text.

Artificial intelligence is in focus by many scientists because it can cause all the boundations which technological world held till now. With AI computerized robot will be able to perform the task in the same way human could do. But focusing on earth darker side there is still a debate going on over it that weather artificial intelligence should be promoted or not. Despite all the benefits such as better decisions made by computers, less requirement of humans for operating machines, reducing workload over humans, etc AI can also late to some serious issues such as many malicious practices which have raised several questions over its existence.

A famous people named 98 page to want that even if AI would be efficient in making certain decisions and recognizing any unrecognized user It Would Still require some kind of human expertise because ultimately there will be certain programs which will require human interference.

Apart from all these harms of developing artificial intelligence the research also questions about its field of study and its disclosure in academics. Even if experts include artificial intelligence in the field of study they will still face problem of maliciousness because you never know who will take forward that knowledge for a good purpose and they’re there are many such questions which are still to be answered by the scientists about the concept of artificial intelligence and its effects on our lifestyles.


Author: Yogesh Prasad

Information Security Professional | Cyber Security Expert | Ethical Hacker | Founder – Hackers Interview

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