Punjab National Bank Credit and Debit Card Data Leaked

punjab national bank

punjab national bank

Sensitive information of 10,000 PNB debit and credit card holders leaked. It was recently reported that the information of 10000 Punjab National Bank credit and debit card holder’s sensitive information have been leaked. The information such as personal identification number(PIN), names, card verification value and expiry dates have been leaked online.

The CTO of cloudsek Rahul Sasi said that the details of the credit and debit card holders were being sold on dark web websites. And this website is a legally selling many services such as leaking information or hacking.

The matter was enlightened when the cloudsek team identified a website which was claiming to have the details of many cards which belongs to PNB. All this sensitive information was available for sale on the dark website. The team trees that the immediately tried to reach the bank by emailing them on their CyberLink contact available on their website. But the mail was not received and next day on 21st, Feb, using the third party they came into contact with the Punjab National Bank. An immediate response was received from the Punjab National Bank And after a quick response from PNB, Cloudsek provided them all the information that was available to them. Next day the company provided the banks with further information and the PNB officials started working on the situation.

According to the Times report, a government official said that the lead information was available on the dark web for 3 months although it is not an exact time limit and the forensic investigation related to the matter is going on. No statement was made by Virwani, and a message was received from him States that he was not authorized to provide any statement to the media.

The particular website on which delete information was available had a very good reputation. Most of these dark websites build their reputation by the authenticity of the data that they are selling illegally. The information was being sold for $4.90 per card.

Most of the ATMs in India are still planning on Window XP. Although the support provided by Window XP ended on 8th April 2014. So, it is preferable for the customers to move on to the banks which operate with modern technology. As these ATM’s which are still running on Window XP can we be hacked very easily as Microsoft has said that they will not provide any further Security updates for Window XP. So, migrating to other banks for availing better security services will protect the personal information. As this sensitive information if hacked can cause a lot of harm to the customer as well to the bank, so making use of the newer version of the window which provide good security update is necessary such as window 10.

PNB has recently suffered a fraud of INR 11,400 crore which the firm was unable to pay the money to the bank after the bank accounts of the firm were frozen by ED and the CBI. And now the leaking of the information of 10000 debit and credit card.


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