Critical T-mobile Bug Allowed Hackers to Hijack Users Account

t mobile

t mobile

Now, the personal information of all the people in possession of a T-mobile is under a threat, given the fact that the hackers have developed a new hijacking activity to all the customer accounts of the concerned mobile phone customers due to a major software bug on the website of the company.

Reported by a security researcher and found as well on the 19th of last month of last year, the interesting fact was that this vulnerability was still not revealed to all the customers until now. But just in a day the mobile company classified this major issue as a critical one and released an update as a patch wear to the bug in the application and give the security researcher reward of $5,000 for his efforts. Although this is good news, it still not sure on how long the website was under the threat, and how much information has been accessing by the hackers, and today to make the most out of the time the website was vulnerable or not. And if they did, then all the personal information of the mobile phone customers is under the threat since the user accounts or fed into the mobile company’s website.

In a regular streak of security issues which put the personal information of a lot of mobile customers in jeopardy, the mobile carrier is now under a threat of closing down as well since last year in October another bag was reported where all the sensitive information regarding the account numbers used for billing purposes and other personal information was turned into an anyone-accessible information.

Many of the hackers have been constantly targeting the customers using T- Mobile, which makes the future of the company itself uncertain since a lot of money has been stolen from the linked bank account with the numbers, and phone numbers have been constantly hijacked for a bit of time now.

This constant targeting has been forced the company to send a text message to all its customers to raise the level of security in their mobile phones to ensure that such hijacking does not take place in the near future.

Read more: The Motherboard Guide to Not Getting Hacked.the newly disclosed bug allowed hackers to log into T-Mobile’s account website as any customer. This hazardous bug even allows the hijackers to log in to the customer accounts into the company’s website, with all the personal information available to access.

A security researcher who reported the bug and was rewarded with $5,000 for it said that this was a bug in which you could literally log in to any customer account on the mobile website and access all the crucial data as much as you want. But soon that this information was made public the spokesperson of the company itself said in a statement that the bug was reported in December itself and no accessing of crucial personal information of any of the customer is found, and the evidence supports this statement.


Author: Yogesh Prasad

Information Security Professional | Cyber Security Expert | Ethical Hacker | Founder – Hackers Interview

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