Free Game Giveaway Scam Targets Steam Accounts

Free Game Giveaway Scam Targets Steam Accounts

Free Game Giveaway Scam Targets Steam Accounts

Steam is an account that gives the user access to play games. There is a list of free games that you can play without subscriptions, but if you want to have the game content and to buy customized items then you need to purchase it from the game inventory. You can also buy games if you want to, using your credit or debit cards to get the updated content and all the resources of the game. It is as simple to initiate as any social media account. By just giving your basic credentials you can log in to your account.


Hacking of our steam accounts
These days a new loot is being initiated to target the steam account users, acquire their credentials and promote their hacking by finding other new users. Actually what they do is, they give false notification to the steam account holders. That they can install any game by just providing them, basic credentials and the promo code.

They actually sent this fake notification creating a fake steam account page, to the users. After this whoever follows the instructions given on that page falls on a trap. They actually promise to be a free game away site but actually, they hack the user’s profile and takes control over their account.

How do they do this?
They initially find a user hacks their account and then from that victim’s account they sent a message to that particular user’s friends. Now when the new user receives the message they find that the site is claiming them to give a free game away site if they follow these simple instructions and visit more info into the URL given on that message.

Now, as soon as the new user clicks on that URL it shows them that on the steam official account but actually it is being hosted by the hackers or say, scammers. Then they show you with some games where if you click it shows that congratulations you have successfully acquired this game now to claim it permanently you need to give your credentials like mail, phone number and the promo code.

Once the new user provides all this information. The scammer takes control over their account and changes all their mail ID, phone number and then finds more victims to hack their accounts and loot their inventory items.


These days the scammers or hackers are really smart and crafty they know how to deal with the users, what exactly to provide them or promise them to take away later by following certain easy instructions. Also, the site created by the hackers and the original site; it is really not easy to declare which is the original version and which is not this also one of the maximum reasons why the users fall into such traps so easily.

So, the users need to be careful and must check the URL always before filling their credentials or following their instructions. The best way is to be on the community page of your steam account and to avoid such scammers.


Author: Prachi K

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