Indian Government is All Set to Track Your Personal Computers

Indian Government is all set to track your personal computers

Indian Government is all set to track your personal computers

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The ministry of home affairs in India has already permitted the power to track, monitor or seize the data on every personal computer if it comes to the situations. This is going to be the first time ever where the Indian government has granted this power to a system for accessing the data on a computer. Earlier it was just for your transfer in between two different computers to agencies as per said by the reports. If any of the matter is associated with the current data the former permission was to access only that. But with the recent declaration database stored over any system or at any platform can be tracked, sent for accessed instantly if required.

This newly assigned order was actually issued on 20 December by the Ministry of Home Affairs. It has permitted the 10 Central agencies of India to access the data on computers and can efficiently encrypt the information which is available over it. They can easily transmit the data or generate and receive it in any of the computers. The government has passed this act under the section 69 of the information technology under the act 2000, rule 4 of the Information Technology procedure and safeguards for interception monitoring and decryption of information (rule 2009). The name of the ten Agencies that are given the approval for this action is –

1. Intelligence Bureau
2. Narcotics control bureau
3. Enforcement Directorate
4. Central Board of Direct taxes
5. Directorate of revenue intelligence
6. Central Bureau of Investigation
7. National Investigation Agency
8. Cabinet Secretariat
9. Directorate of Signal Intelligence
10. Delhi Police Commissioner


The Directorate of Signal Intelligence is for the services in the area of Jammu Kashmir, North East in Assam. The Cabinet Secretariat is referring the R&AW. It is also said reportedly that the signed orders which are passed also said that if any of the personal computers is investigated then the person who belongs to the system has to corporate technically and mutually what the execution. The moment any of the person belonging to the authorities knock at your doorstep you have to allow them to do their work with your complete technical assistance and cooperative attitude.


The other revelation says that if the person doesn’t cooperate with the officials then he can be sentenced 7 years imprisonment and a monetary fine. This could be done only to strengthen the investigating agencies by providing them with enormous power. Because of the growing technological advancement and other software issues, there are a number of crimes which are occurring in every passing second. In order to prevent the misuse of any of the available data or to contemplate in any way, now the authorized agencies are having enough support from the government itself. Most of the people are calling it an intrusion to their personal rights, belongings and privacy. Ministry of Home Affairs added – each case of interception, description is to be approved by the competent authority i.e. union home secretary.


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