Lack Of Cyber Security Workforce And Solutions

Lack Of Cybersecurity Workforce And Solutions

Lack Of Cybersecurity Workforce And Solutions

There is a massive growth in the amount of cyber crime on the web in today’s world. To counter this, the government of several countries is setting up special cyber cell divisions in their law divisions to counter these problems. There are almost 2.8 million cyber security professionals all over the world. But according to the need, the number is still very low.


Key findings of the (ISC)² report


The reports of (ISC)² is a very humbling one for the availability of cyber security professionals. There are several segments of work required in this field of security and despite the increase in Jobs, in the USA alone, 800,000 workers are present, which is still a very small number for the need aroused. Cyber security professionals are very satisfied with the work they are doing. They are quite hopeful about their respective organizations and hope that the new workforce would be added soon.

The budgets of these companies are also increasing with the amounts of client review growth. The (ISC)² searches for salary satisfaction and that reaches a high level. The salaries are more in the companies of Silicon Valley or Washington. Many are considering a career in these fields for both the excitement and the salary perspectives.


How to address the cybersecurity workforce shortage


There are some remedies offered by the (ISC)² for the lack of cyber skills and the defense rules. There are new training which is administered to teach the young generations in this field. The career options are also made attractive with better facilities to attract employees. The search for talent is eider now. They are looking for new and raw talent which, with proper training, can be molded to the needs of the company which is recruiting.

The organizations can be made stronger by making the base of the employees stronger. When the employees are well trained from within the company professional, the efficiency of the work improves greatly and it is cost-effective too. The workforce shortage can be met by training properly and not merely depending on academic qualities to choose a member. Bob Noel, the strategic partner of Plixer advised the same to the cyber security companies.


Growing signs of a more diverse cyber security workforce

In spite of all these current issues, the workforce is gradually increasing. The reports of (ISC)² says that 5 percent of the growth in the workforce are the people under the age of 25. The younger they join, the more they can contribute to the company for longer years.


Future key areas to address for cyber security training

There must be some keynotes that are going to make a difference in every business sector. There are some areas such as cloud computing security, penetration testing, threat intelligence analysis and forensics in the field of cyber security which is very important. The work is done better with experience and the novice learns more when they are in the job for many years and learns the work from various perspectives. The challenge lies in coping with the economy of learning the art of cyber security professionally. These problems if dealt with cyber groups can provide much security for the users.



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