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hardwear io

Today we are introducing one of the biggest hardware security conference “ 2018” . The conference is going to be held at Netherlands from September 11th 2018 to September 14th 2018. is a hardware security conference and training event emphasis on the various aspects of hardware security.

So let’s have a look at the conversation Hackers Interview team had with team.

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Team Hackers Interview : Hello! Please introduce yourself, and which organization do you represent?
Representative – : Hello everyone! My name is Antriksh Shah, Director at Payatu B.V. I am also one of the founders of – Hardware Security Conference and Training. This event is hosted annually in The Hague, the Netherlands.


Team Hackers Interview : How much experience do you hold in organizing such events in the past?
Representative – : Since we run one more event– Nullcon Information Security Conference – that takes place in Goa for the past 9 years, I have reached almost a decade of experience in organizing Security Conferences.


Team Hackers Interview : What do you aim to achieve from this event?
Representative – : The idea behind was to provide a unique platform for the hardware security community that wasn’t available before. Even now, there are only few events dedicated to hardware and embedded device security issues. Our goal is to unite security researchers, students, industries, governments, and decision makers under one roof to share new research, innovative ideas and spread the awareness
about this important topic.


Team Hackers Interview : What do you want the participants to take home from your event?
Representative – : The main objective for our attendees is to learn something new in the domain of Hardware Security. However, our event is not limited to only that, in addition, many companies participate to recruit bright talents for their organisations at There are also a number of hands-on sessions during the conference such as Hardware CTF, Car Hacking and Chip-Off Villages, which give the attendees a chance to test their skills in a fun and interactive way. In addition, we organize a Student Corner – a program that gives students a chance to attend the conference. We encourage our attendees to connect with other members of the community and share their knowledge!


Team Hackers Interview : Which is the venue this time, and the dates of the event?
Representative – : 2018 will be hosted at NH Den Haag Hotel, the Netherlands on 13th and 14th of September 2018. Furthermore, we also conduct a 2-Day Security Training right before the Conference.These trainings are specifically organised with the most relevant topics in hardware industry like Car Hacking, IC Reversing, Side-Channel Attacks, IoT Hacking and Hardware Reversing.


Team Hackers Interview : What is the scale at which you are organizing your event?
Representative – : Over the past three years since we started, has definitely grown into a well-established community and a go-to event for Hardware Security Professionals in Europe. Last year we welcomed over 280 participants for the event and received the support and endorsement of Europol and EU Commission.


Team Hackers Interview : What is the prime objective of your event?
Representative – : held its first edition in 2015 with the idea of spreading the awareness about importance of hardware security and its implementation in various industries. Each year invites world-renowned researchers and security practitioners to share the latest research and developments in the domain of hardware security. We are opening the discussions on significant topics at the conference and we hope that they will be carried out beyond the even and will make changes outside the conference rooms as well.


Team Hackers Interview : How do you plan to achieve your goal through this event?
Representative – : Each year we are working hard to make even better and bigger; and introduce a number of new additions.Our speakers bring in an amazing new research, which makes a high quality content driven conference. Thanks to our Sponsors, Exhibitors and a great team of Volunteers, we are hoping to exceed our attendee’s expectations and make an event that will be equally educational and fun.


Team Hackers Interview : Who all are going to be speaking at your event ?
Representative – : We have loaded quite a few big names this time around. The Keynotes will be done by Kate Temkin, renowned hardware hacker, and Helena Handschuh, Security Technologies Fellow at Rambus Inc. The Closing Note will present Axel Poschmann, Head of Hardware Lab at DarkMatter. Few other speakers who will be speaking this year are Ben Gras and Kaveh Razavi, Security Researchers from Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam; Erwin Paternotte and Mattijs van Ommeren, Security Consultants at Nixu Benelux; David Berend, Technology Consultant; Santiago Cordoba, Security Analyst at Riscure, and many others.


Team Hackers Interview : What all activities have been organized in your event?
Representative – : In addition to the traditional talks and trainings, 2018 will also offer a CXO Panel Track, Workshops & Villages including Lockpicking and Chip-Off Village, Exhibition Area, Hardware CTF & HardPwn Challenge, Student Corner and much more.


Team Hackers Interview : How many people strong is your organizing committee? Do you think it is competent enough to handle the pressure?
Representative – : YES, since we have been running these kind of events for the past 9 years, was organized with all the experience obtained over the years. We have an expertise of internationally renowned Call For Papers Review Team that helps us to select the best of the best research papers to provide good rich content for the conference. Along with our internal team, we have an overwhelming support of the local null community and volunteers who help us run the show in a smooth and effective manner.


Team Hackers Interview : For whom do you think your event is? Who all do you advise to attend it?
Representative – : Our event is open for everyone who is working/enthusiastic about Hardware Security from Semiconductors manufactures, Automobile/Healthcare OEMs, Cryptologists, IoT Device Manufacturers, Power/Energy Utility industry, SCADA/ICS OEMs , Telecom , Military & Defense guys.We equally welcome the students, security researchers, Consultants, Thought Leaders (CXO), educational institutions and government representatives. We are convinced that our event is beneficial for everyone and will bring good results as we gather the people from various backgrounds.


Team Hackers Interview : How many people do you expect to attend your event?
Representative – : This year we expect around 350 participants from over 100 various IT & Security Companies, including the number of International Speakers and Delegates.


Team Hackers Interview : What areas you expect to cover through your event?
Representative – : Each year we try to cover all major domains of Hardware Security, including but not limited to Embedded Devices, Semiconductors, IoT, Automobile, Telecom, ICS / SCADA, Crypto Devices, etc.


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